Organic Produce

A Natural Partnership

We believe in sustainable agriculture. That’s why we offer product lines that are grown free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and other invasive growing practices. Only these fruits and vegetables earn the stamp of certified organic.

Organic Standards

The U.S. Federal government strictly regulates organic standards. These regulations prohibit the use of many conventional farming practices. Converting conventional fields to organic fields is not cheap or easy. It takes our growers at least three years to prepare their land to become organic ready.

Organic growers must also follow these practices:

---No toxic, long-lasting herbicides/pesticides

i.e. lead salts, ash from manure burning, strychnine, arsenic

---No sewage sludge fertilizer (biosolids)

---No gamma radiation

Export International also sources produce that is grown with earth friendly practices. This involves natural pest control practices, limited herbicides and natural fertilizers.

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Our global reach will find the right market for your crop.

Call us for more information about organic produce. We have a team of sales people that know the ins and outs of organic farming and distribution.

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